Musik Liste 07.12.2005
Bandname Song Medium
Abecedarians smiling monarchs 12"
Alpine mondays look the same MCD
And Also The Trees a retrospective 1983-1986 CD
Anderson, Laurie o superman 12"
Ascii.Disko ascii.disko CD
Assemblage 23 failure CD
B Movie nowhere girl (version) 12"
B-52's b-52's CD
B-52's wild planet CD
Bartos, Karl communicaton CD
Bauhaus crackle CD
Birthday Massacre violet CD
Blancmange waves (full length dance version) 12"
Bloc Party silent alarm CD
Bloc Party silent alarm remixed CD
Bloc Party two more years MCD
Bowie, David heroes / helden 12"
Bravery bravery CD
Cabaret Voltaire just fascination 12"
Clan Of Xymox stranger (re-mix) 12"
Clark, Anne sleeper in metropolis 12"
Clark, Anne our darkness 12"
Coil tainted love 12"
Crüxshadows frozen embers CD
Cult (here comes the) rain 12"
Cure paris CD
Cure greatest hits CD
DAF alles ist gut CD
Days Of 29 destination d-day 12"
Decoded Feedback combustion CD
Depeche Mode new life (re mix) 12"
Depeche Mode master and servant (slavery whip mix) 12"
Devo pioneers who got scalped the anthology CD
Division Kent monsterproof CD
Duran Duran careless memories 12"
Dury, Ian wake up (remixed by paul hardcastle) 12"
Dust Of Basement awakening the oceans CD
Echo And The Bunnymen the killing moon 7"
Echo And The Bunnymen bring on the dancing horeses (extended mix) 12"
Editors the back room (limited edition) CD
Eicher, Stephan les chansons bleues CD
Eisbrecher eisbrecher CD
Elastica elastica CD
Escape With Romeo psalms of survival CD
Fad Gadget coitus interuptus 12"
Fad Gadget under the flag CD
Faint danse macabre remixes CD
Faint wet from birth CD
Fanoe empire dirt CD
FAQ is pornography art? (promo) CD
Fingerprintz the very dab LP
Fischer-Z red skies over paradise CD
Flowerpot Men jo's so mean to josephine 12"
Franz Ferdinand you could have it so much better (limited) CD
Freur doot doot (extended version) 12"
Front 242 no comment LP
Generation X k.m.d. - sweet revenge CD
Gentry sweet gossip tv CD
Grauzone die sunrise tapes CD
Hocico wrack and ruin CD
Human League travelogue CD
IAMX kiss + swallow CD
Ikon destroying the world to save it CD
In The Nursery praxis CD
Interpol antics CD
Iris wrath CD
Irrlicht in der nacht MCD
Kashmir no balance place CD
Killers hot fuss CD
Killing Joke love like blood (version) 12"
Kontrast industrie<>romantik CD
Kraftwerk minimum - maximum CD
Liaisons Dangereuses los ninos del parque 12"
Love And Rockets seventh dream of teenage heaven CD
Lowlife swirl, it swing EP
Malaria! kaltes klares wasser MCD
Marc And The Mambas fun city 12"
March Violets the botanic verses CD
Metallspürhunde blut & spiele CD
Minimal Compact deadly weapons CD
Morthem Vlade Art antechamber CD
Nephew usadsb CD
New Order blue monday 12"
New Order low life CD
New Order get ready CD
Nuuk play CD
Nuuk cold kissed eyes CD
OMD maid of orleans 12"
Oomph! wahrheit oder pflicht (special edition) CD
Pop, Iggy party CD
Pop, Iggy the idiot CD
Power To Dream the faith healer 12"
Project Pitchfork daimonion CD
Psyche babylon deluxe CD
Quit Your Dayjob sweden we got a problem CD
Rammstein reise, reise CD
Rammstein rosenrot CD
Robocop Kraus they think they are CD
Samplers (Various Artists) punk generation my way CD
Samplers (Various Artists) tanz der nacht CD
Samplers (Various Artists) 100% punk vol.2 CD
Severed Heads dead eyes opened 12"
Shakespears Sister hormonally yours CD
Simple Minds real to real cacophony CD
Simple Minds in the city of light CD
Simple Minds new gold dream (81-82-83-84) (SACD) CD
Simple Minds themes - volume 1: march 79 - april 82 CD Box
Simple Minds themes - volume 2: august 82 - april 85 CD Box
Simple Minds home MCD
Siouxsie And The Banshees cities in dust (extended eruption mix) 12"
Siouxsie And The Banshees through the looking glass CD
Sisters Of Mercy dominion/mother russia 12"
Sisters Of Mercy lucretia my reflection 12"
Sisters Of Mercy some girls wander by mistake CD
Smiths how soon is now? 12"
Soft Cell non-stop ecstatic dancing LP
Soft Cell the singles CD
Sound jeopardy CD
Soundtrack il était une fois dans l'ouest LP
Soundtrack breaking glass CD
Soundtrack escape from new york CD
Soundtrack merry christmas mr lawrence CD
Soundtrack verschwende deine jugend CD
Spandau Ballet the twelve inch mixes CD
Stiff Little Fingers can't believe in you 12"
Stranglers golden brown 7"
Stranglers strange little girl 7"
T.Raumschmiere radio blackout CD
Talking Heads burning down the house 12"
Tears For Fears change (extended version) 12"
The The soul mining CD
Tones On Tail tones on tail CD
Tovey, Frank the fad gadget singles CD
U2 under a blood red sky CD
U2 the joshua tree CD
Ultravox all stood still 12"
Virgin Prunes pagan lovesong (vibe akimbo) 12"
Visage the anvil (dance mix) 12"
Vive la Fête nuit blance MCD
VNV Nation matter+form CD
Vyllies lilith LP
Wall of Voodoo mexican radio 12"
Welle:Erdball der sinn des lebens CD
Wire ahead 12"
Wire it's beginning to and back again CD
Witt, Joachim bayreuth CD
Witt, Joachim eisenherz CD
Witt, Joachim pop CD
Yaz situation (dub version) 12"
Yazoo don't go (re-mix) 12"
Yello 1980 - 1985 the new mix in one go CD
Young Gods l'amourir 12"
Zeromancer zzyzx CD