Musik Liste 23.12.2002
Bandname Song Medium
999 homicide 12"
Alien Sex Fiend ignore the maschine (special electrode mix) 12"
And Also The Trees virus meadow LP
Anderson, Laurie o superman 12"
B Movie nowhere girl (version) 12"
B-52's planet claire 12"
Bauhaus the singles 81-83 EP
BIM romance 12"
Bolshoi away (special mix) 12"
Bowie, David heroes / helden 12"
Bowie, David cat people 12"
Cabaret Voltaire just fascination 12"
Chris & Cosey october (love song) 12"
Clan Of Xymox stranger (re-mix) 12"
Clark, Anne our darkness 12"
Clash london calling 12"
Clash the magnificent seven 12"
Clash mustapha dance 12"
Clash i fought the law 12"
Clash should i stay or should i go 12"
Coil tainted love 12"
Cult (here comes the) rain 12"
Cure let's go to bed 12"
Cure love cats 12"
Cure why can't i be you (12" remix) 12"
Cure lullaby (extended remix) 12"
Cure lovesong (extended mix) 12"
DAF kebabträume 7"
Dalbello animal (jungle mix) 12"
Damned the shadow of love 10"
Data living inside me 12"
Days Of 29 destination d-day 12"
Depeche Mode new life (re mix) 12"
Depeche Mode the meaning of love (fairly odd mix) 12"
Depeche Mode master and servant (slavery whip mix) 12"
Depeche Mode i feel you (throb mix) 12"
Devo q: are we not men? a: we are devo! LP
Devo satisfaction EP
Die Unbekannten dangerous moonlight EP
Dormannu degenerate 12"
Drinking Electricity overload LP
Duran Duran careless memories 12"
Echo And The Bunnymen bring on the dancing horeses (extended mix) 12"
Fad Gadget under the flag LP
Fad Gadget ricky's hand 7"
Fad Gadget life on the line 12"
Fad Gadget for whom the bells toll 12"
Fad Gadget love parasite 12"
Fad Gadget collapsing new people (berlin mix) 12"
Fad Gadget coitus interuptus 12"
Fingerprintz the very dab LP
Fools psycho chicken (beeped) 7"
Grauzone eisbär 7"
Grauzone eisbär 12"
Hendryx, Nona do what ya wanna do (dub version) 12"
Human League holiday 80 EP
Human League the sound of the crowd (instrumental) 12"
Human League seconds 12"
Idol, Billy dancing with myself 12"
Keine Ahnung plastik 12"
Killing Joke eighties (serious dance mix) 12"
Killing Joke a new day (dub mix) 12"
Killing Joke love like blood (version) 12"
Kissing The Pink the last film (extended version) 12"
Kraftwerk nummern 12"
Kraftwerk the model 12"
Kraftwerk showroom dummies 12"
Ledernacken und Band amok (american mix) 12"
Leisure Process love cascade (dance mix) 12"
Liaisons Dangereuses los ninos del parque 12"
Love And Rockets the dog-end of day gone by (remix) 12"
Love And Rockets so alive 12"
Marc And The Mambas fun city 12"
March Violets snake dance (extended) 12"
Men Without Hats i got the message (special remix) 12"
Minimal Compact next one is real (radio remix) 12"
Modern English life in the gladhouse 12"
New Order blue monday 12"
New Order true faith (the 94 remix) 12"
Nordland just keep it away 7"
Normal warm leatherette 12"
Other People have a nice day! 12"
P.I.L. this is not a love song 12"
Pop, Iggy lust for life LP
Power To Dream the faith healer 12"
Psychedelic Furs heartbeat (new york mix) 12"
Severed Heads dead eyes opened 12"
Shelley, Pete homosapien (elongated dancepartydubmix) 12"
Simple Minds definitive collection LP
Simple Minds celebrate (extended) 12"
Simple Minds the american (extended) 12"
Simple Minds love song 12"
Simple Minds new gold dream (81-82-83-84) (german 12" remix) 12"
Siouxsie And The Banshees israel 12"
Siouxsie And The Banshees spellbound 12"
Siouxsie And The Banshees the thorn 12"
Siouxsie And The Banshees cities in dust (extended eruption mix) 12"
Sisters Of Mercy first and last and always LP
Sisters Of Mercy dominion/mother russia 12"
Sisters Of Mercy lucretia my reflection 12"
Soft Cell memorabilia (long version) 12"
Soft Cell tainted love / where did our love go 12"
Soft Cell say hello wave goodbye (extended version) 12"
Sound jeopardy LP
Soundtrack il était une fois dans l'ouest LP
Spear Of Destiny the wheel 12"
Spliff das blech (lange version) 12"
Tears For Fears shout (extended remix version) 12"
Tones On Tail performance 12"
Tovey, Frank luxury (remix) 12"
U2 with or wihout you 12"
Ultravox vienna LP
Ultravox all stood still 12"
Virgin Prunes pagan lovesong (vibe akimbo) 12"
Visage the anvil (dance mix) 12"
Vyllies lilith LP
Wall of Voodoo mexican radio 12"
Wire ahead 12"
Witt, Joachim edelweiss LP
Witt, Joachim märchenblau LP
Yello swing 12"
Young Gods l'amourir 12"
ZaZA zauberstab 7"