Musik Liste 15.04.2022
Bandname Song Medium
3+Dead 3+dead CD
A Place To Bury Strangers worship CD
Actors acts of worship CD
Ascetic self initiation CD
Ash Code fear MCD
Blankenberge more CD
Bleib Modern afraid to leave CD
Boy Harsher careful CD
Bragolin vs Adam Tristar let out the noise inside CD
Clan Of Xymox limbo CD
Cold Field hollows CD
Crying Vessel pleasures for the wicked CD
Dead dreams (extended) MCD
Dead Astronauts silhouettes CD
Dead Sound cuts CD
Death Loves Veronica lucid dreams CD
Delphine Coma tortuosa CD
Detachments detachments CD
DILK hardship CD
Drab Majesty modern mirror CD
Ductape ruh CD
Echoberyl the awakening of a mutant girl CD
Egoprisme among noise CD
eNiB cut CD
Exploding Boy afterglow CD
Fearing shadow CD
Final Body nothyng CD
Foreign Resort new frontiers CD
Forever Grey departed CD
Frozen Autumn fellow traveller CD
FTR manners CD
Gary Numan splinter (songs from a broken mind) CD
Geometric Vision slowemotion MCD
Grey Gallows garden of lies CD
Hante. this fog that never ends CD
Hapax exile MCD
Hoffen blinded CD
Holygram modern cults CD
I Like Trains kompromat CD
Iamnoone dead season CD
Inhalt part time punks sessions CD
Isla Ola nebelmond CD
Ist Ist the art of lying CD
Japan Suicide we die in such a place CD
Je T'aime passive CD
Joy/Disaster stäygätôw CD
Kælan Mikla nótt eftir nótt CD
Kill Shelter & Antipole a haunted place CD
Kiss Of The Whip we're not here CD
Kultodinochestva decay / almost dreams CD
La Mécanique dernier voyage CD
L'An2000 illusions MCD
Leathers reckless MCD
Lebanon Hanover sci-fi sky CD
Life On Venus odes to the void CD
LisaWars distanz CD
Lost Messages modern disease CD
Mekong end of the world CD
Messer Brüder fahr zur hölle CD
Nachlader koma baby lebt! CD
New Candys vyvyd CD
New Today together at last CD
Night Haze love is chaos CD
NNHMN shadow in the dark MCD
Nonn nonn CD
November Növelet the world in devotion CD
Nürnberg paharda CD
Q-7 Three Times 25 frames CD
Raskolnikov lazy people will destroy you CD
Rendez Vous superior state CD
Ritual Veil wolf in the night CD
Rosetta Stone cryptology CD
S Y Z Y G Y X fading bodies CD
Samplers (Various Artists) spotlight vol. 2 CD
Schonwald abstraction CD
Schrödinger last days on earth CD
Second Still second still CD
Selofan vitrioli CD
She Past Away disko anksiyete CD
She Wants Revenge she wants revenge CD
Skubut melankholichno (deluxe edition) CD
Social Station social station CD
Soft Kill dead kids r.i.p. city CD
Soft Moon deeper CD
Sydney Valette how many lives CD
Talk To Her love will come again CD
Tenderlash hold still CD
Then Comes Silence nyctophilian - then comes silence III CD
This Eternal Decay nocturnæ CD
Topographies ideal form CD
Traitrs horses in the abattoir CD
Twin Tribes ceremony CD
Undertheskin negative CD
Velvet Kills mischievous urges CD
Velvet Vega we'll never get back CD
Visions In Clouds what if there is no way out CD
Vore Aurora eidolon CD
Whispering Sons endless party MCD
Wires & Lights a chasm here and now CD
Zack Zack Zack album 1 CD

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