Musik Liste 19.10.2013
Bandname Song Medium
999 concrete CD
A Place To Bury Strangers worship CD
Aeon Sable saturn return saturn return LP
Ascetic self initiation CD
Auto-Auto dancing through dark times CD
B-52's b-52's CD
Beauty Of Gemina iscariot blues CD
Carved Souls dismantle CD
Clan Of Xymox in love we trust CD
Clash london calling (25th anniversary edition) CD
Client city CD
Cure disintegration CD
Damned phantasmagoria CD
Déesse déesse EP
Depeche Mode delta machine CD
Division Kent gravity CD
Elastica elastica CD
Escape With Romeo samsara CD
Exploding Boy the black album CD
Faith And The Muse the burning season CD
Foreign Resort foreign resort MCD
Fotos porzellan CD
Generation X k.m.d. - sweet revenge CD
Ghost & Writer red flags CD
Girl & The Robot the beauty of decay CD
Grauzone 1980-1982 CD
Heppner, Peter my heart of stone CD
I Am In Love of regard and affection CD
IAMX the unified field CD
Ikon love, hate & sorrow CD
Informatik playing with fire CD
Jacques C layers CD
Kitty In A Casket bittersweet (promo) CD
Kraftwerk die mensch maschine (remastered) CD
Ladytron best of 00-10 CD
Linear Movement on the screen LP
Marsheaux lumineux noir (limited edition) CD
Multicoloured Shades teen sex transfusion 12"
Nine Inch Nails hesitation marks CD
No More remake/remodel CD
Northern Lite super black (limited edition) CD
Officers on the twelve thrones CD
Pink Turns Blue storm CD
Placebo loud like love CD
Poésie Noire sense of purpose CD
Principe Valiente principe valiente CD
Radio DCS i try my best to mainstream CD
Ramones anthology CD
Romance the divide CD
Rope the rope (ep) MCD
Samplers (Various Artists) pop & wave die deutsche CD
Samplers (Various Artists) no thanks! 1 CD
Samplers (Various Artists) pagan love songs CD
Samplers (Various Artists) gothic compilation part 35 CD
Samplers (Various Artists) some bizzare album CD
Samplers (Various Artists) infrastition - 80's sounds for today (promo) CD
Samplers (Various Artists) post punk CD
Samplers (Various Artists) genotypes - various artists CD
Samplers (Various Artists) the minimal wave tapes volume one CD
Samplers (Various Artists) the minimal wave tapes volume two CD
Samplers (Various Artists) discover CD
Samplers (Various Artists) join the dark side, we have the music! CD
Severed Heads dead eyes opened 12"
Sex Pistols the great rock'n'roll swindle CD
She Past Away belirdi gece CD
Soft Kill an open door CD
Soft Moon zeros CD
Stray Cats the best of CD
Suicide suicide CD
Tiny Boys tiny boys CD
Tovey, Frank fad gadget by frank tovey CD Box
Tuxedomoon no tears / what use (remixes & orignals) MCD
TV On The Radio wolf like me MCD
Vaccines what did you expect from the vaccines CD
Veil Veil Vanish change in the neon light (promo) CD
Vive la Fête 2013 CD
We Came From Waters unfamous quotes CD
Young Gods xxyears 1985-2005 CD
Zynic blindsided CD

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