Musik Liste 23.03.2013
Bandname Song Medium
(((S))) the moon is my sun CD
A Spell Inside essential CD
Aeon Sable saturn return saturn return LP
Assemblage 23 bruise CD
Auto-Auto dancing through dark times CD
Bakterielle Infektion cities of glass CD
Bartos, Karl communicaton CD
Beauty Of Gemina iscariot blues CD
Bloc Party four CD
Clash the magnificent seven 12"
Cure disintegration CD
Déesse déesse EP
Depeche Mode playing the angel CD
Die Funkhausgruppe mono-poly CD
Die Perlen zurück! CD
DIIV oshin CD
Dragons here are the roses CD
Editors an end has a start CD
Experiment Nnord der traum 7"
Exploding Boy the black album CD
Fiji fun factory CD
Gahan, Dave hourglass CD
goJA moon ROCKAH disco dracula CD
Gun taking on the world CD
Harris, Calvin acceptable in the 80's MCD
I Am In Love of regard and affection CD
IAMX kingdom of welcome addiction CD
Ikon love, hate & sorrow CD
Iremembertapes human architecture CD
Joy Division closer CD
Kontrast vision und tradition CD
Ladytron best of 00-10 CD
Marsheaux lumineux noir (limited edition) CD
Martial Canterel confusing outsides LP
Medio Mutante inestable EP
Metroland mind the gap CD
Mirrors lights and offerings CD
Mob let the tribe increase CD
Monostrip the grand youth CD
Morthem Vlade Art uncertain days the best of 1997-2005 CD
Motorama calender CD
Nachlader koma baby lebt! CD
New Days Delay splitterelastisch CD
Noiseworks touch CD
Northern Lite reach the sun CD
O. Children apnea CD
Officers on the twelve thrones CD
Pink Turns Blue ghost CD
Placebo once more with feeling singles 1996-2004 CD
Poésie Noire sense of purpose CD
Pop, Iggy party CD
Postscriptum prophet:deny CD
Radio 4 stealing of a nation CD
Radio DCS i try my best to mainstream CD
Robocop Kraus they think they are CD
Romance the divide CD
Rope the rope (ep) MCD
Rorschach Garden 42 times around the sun CD
Rother, Anthony popkiller II CD
Ryman, Jon nineteeneightyfour CD
Samplers (Various Artists) rock & wave vol.1 CD
Samplers (Various Artists) machineries of joy vol.4 CD
Samplers (Various Artists) join the dark side, we have the music! CD
Schwefelgelb das ende vom kreis CD
She Wants Revenge valleyheart CD
Simple Minds x5 CD Box
Smiths the sound of the smiths CD
Soft Kill an open door CD
Sonnenbrandt gestern CD
Sound from the lions mouth CD
Soundtrack verschwende deine jugend CD
Tiny Boys tiny boys CD
U2 the best of 1980 - 1990 CD
Uni_form 1984 CD
Veil Veil Vanish change in the neon light (promo) CD
Vive la Fête produit de belgique CD
Wars healings CD
Welle:Erdball tanzpalast 2000 CD
White Lies to lose my life… CD
Winter Severity Index winter severity index (ep) MCD
Zynic fire walk with me (limited edition) CD