Musik Liste 17.03.2012
Bandname Song Medium
:Wumpscut: bone peeler (limited first edition) CD
A Flock Of Seagulls telecommunication 12"
A Place To Bury Strangers onwards to the wall MCD
Assemblage 23 compass - deluxe edition CD
Assembly never never (extended version) 12"
Assembly stop/start (extended version) 12"
Auto-Auto dancing through dark times CD
B Movie nowhere girl (version) 12"
Bauhaus crackle CD
Beauty Of Gemina iscariot blues CD
BIM romance 12"
Bloc Party silent alarm remixed CD
Bravery bravery CD
Bridge love dance (industrial mix) 12"
Cell Division chymeia (promo) CD
Chris & Cosey october (love song) 12"
Clark, Anne our darkness 12"
Client command CD
Cold Cave cherish the light years CD
Cure staring at the sea the singles CD
Data living inside me 12"
Dead Guitars stranger CD
Depeche Mode new life (re mix) 12"
Depeche Mode see you (extended version) 12"
Depeche Mode now, this is fun (extended version) 12"
Depeche Mode master and servant (slavery whip mix) 12"
Depeche Mode behind the wheel (remixed by shep pettibone) 12"
Depeche Mode route 66 (remix by the beatmasters) 12"
Die Funkhausgruppe mono-poly CD
Division Kent gravity CD
Dragons here are the roses CD
Drinking Electricity overload LP
Duran Duran careless memories 12"
Echo And The Bunnymen more songs to learn and sing CD
Editors an end has a start CD
Eicher, Stephan les chansons bleues CD
Elastica elastica CD
Escape With Romeo emotional iceage CD
Experiment Nnord der traum 7"
Exploding Boy the black album CD
Faderhead black friday CD
Fanoe down to heaven CD
Fingerprintz the very dab LP
Foreign Resort foreign resort MCD
Frozen Autumn chirality CD
Gang Of Four return the gift CD
Gina X no g.d.m. (extended) 12"
Girl & The Robot the beauty of decay CD
Goldfrapp supernature CD
Grauzone 1980-1982 CD
Hendryx, Nona do what ya wanna do (dub version) 12"
Heppner, Peter solo CD
Human League seconds 12"
I Am In Love of regard and affection CD
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness fear is on our side CD
I Start Counting still smiling (ext. version) 12"
IAMX volatile times CD
Idol, Billy white wedding 12"
Ikon love, hate & sorrow CD
Infadels we are not the infadels CD
Interpol antics CD
Jesus And Mary Chain 21 singles 1984-1998 CD
Joy Division the best of joy division CD
Joy/Disaster stygtw CD
Killers hot fuss CD
Kirlian Camera odyssey europa CD
Kraftwerk die mensch maschine (remastered) CD
Ladytron best of 00-10 CD
Leisure Process love cascade (dance mix) 12"
Les Yeux Sans Visage new age EP
Lostboy! A.K.A Jim Kerr lostboy! (limited edition) CD
Mirrors lights and offerings CD
Monostrip the grand youth CD
Murphy, Peter deep CD
Naked And Famous passive me, aggressive you CD
New Order get ready CD
Nine Inch Nails pretty hate maschine CD
OMD the omd singles CD
Perfects future automatic CD
Perfidious Words feel like me CD
Performance a language CD
Pink Turns Blue storm CD
Posie Noire sense of purpose CD
Principe Valiente principe valiente CD
Psyche unveiling the secret CD
Psychedelic Furs heartbeat (new york mix) 12"
Rorschach Garden 42 times around the sun CD
Samplers (Various Artists) rock & wave vol.1 CD
Samplers (Various Artists) pop & wave die deutsche CD
Samplers (Various Artists) john peel right time, wrong speed 1977-1987 CD
Samplers (Various Artists) die ultimative chart show - new wave & pop CD
Samplers (Various Artists) some bizzare album CD
Samplers (Various Artists) infrastition - 80's sounds for today (promo) CD
Samplers (Various Artists) genotypes - various artists CD
Scams rewrite fiction CD
Schwefelgelb das ende vom kreis CD
She Wants Revenge valleyheart CD
Shriekback lined up (sinuous dance mix) 12"
Simple Minds i travel (extended) 12"
Simple Minds new gold dream (81-82-83-84) (german 12" remix) 12"
Simple Minds home MCD
Soft Cell say hello wave goodbye (extended version) 12"
Soft Moon soft moon CD
Sound jeopardy CD
Starter starter LP
Talk Talk talk talk (extended mix) 12"
Tears For Fears mad world 12"
Tovey, Frank fad gadget by frank tovey CD Box
TV On The Radio wolf like me MCD
Tying Tiffany peoples temple CD
U2 all that you can't leave behind CD
Ultravox all stood still 12"
Uni_form mirrors CD
Veil Veil Vanish change in the neon light (promo) CD
Veto crushing digits CD
Visage the anvil (dance mix) 12"
Vive la Fte disque d'or CD
VNV Nation automatic CD
Welle:Erdball tanzpalast 2000 CD
Wire it's beginning to and back again CD
Wolfsheim casting shadows CD
Wombats this modern glitch CD
Yaz situation (dub version) 12"
Young Gods xxyears 1985-2005 CD
Zynic fire walk with me (limited edition) CD