Musik Liste 19.09.2009
Bandname Song Medium
:Wumpscut: bone peeler (limited first edition) CD
A Spell Inside essential CD
Alpine mondays look the same MCD
Arctic Monkeys favourite worst nightmare CD
Auto-Auto celeste CD
Automatic not accepted anywhere CD
Bartos, Karl communicaton CD
Beauty Of Gemina a stranger to tears CD
Bloc Party silent alarm remixed CD
Bloc Party intimacy remixed CD
Bravery bravery CD
Campsite names, dates & places CD
Cell Division chymeia (promo) CD
Client city CD
Client command CD
Cure paris CD
Cure greatest hits CD
Cure 4:13 dream CD
Depeche Mode 101 CD
Depeche Mode sounds of the universe CD
Der Tante Renate splitter CD
Destroid loudspeaker CD
Devo pioneers who got scalped the anthology CD
Die Perlen stadt.ep 10"
DIN [A] TOD westwerk CD
Division Kent gravity CD
Dragons here are the roses CD
Dúné enter metropolis CD
Echo And The Bunnymen more songs to learn and sing CD
Editors an end has a start CD
Elastica elastica CD
Electracult electracult me! CD
Experiment Nnord der traum 7"
Faint fasciinatiion CD
Falco einzelhaft (25th anniversary edition) CD
Fanoe down to heaven CD
Fingerprintz the very dab LP
Fischer-Z red skies over paradise CD
Foals antidotes CD
Gang Of Four return the gift CD
Glasvegas glasvegas CD
Gods Of Blitz reporting a mirage CD
Goldfrapp supernature CD
Gossip music for men CD
Grauzone die sunrise tapes CD
Grossstadtgeflüster bis einer heult!!! CD
Heavy Current push the fire CD
Heppner, Peter solo CD
Hot Chip the warning CD
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness fear is on our side CD
IAMX kingdom of welcome addiction CD
Infadels we are not the infadels CD
Informatik beyond CD
Informatik arena CD
Interpol our love to admire CD
Joy Division the best of joy division CD
Joy/Disaster paranoia CD
Killers sawdust CD
Kirlian Camera shadows mission held v CD
Kontrast vision und tradition CD
Kraftwerk computerwelt CD
La Roux la roux CD
Ladytron velocifero CD
Les Yeux Sans Visage monument 7"
Les Yeux Sans Visage away 7"
Madness night boat to cairo 7"
Marsheaux peek a boo / e-bay queen CD
Mesh we collide CD
Metallspürhunde böse wetter CD
Mia willkommen im club CD
Morthem Vlade Art uncertain days the best of 1997-2005 CD
Music strength in numbers CD
Must Have Been Tokyo vice ep CD
Nena cover me CD
Nephew usadsb CD
New Days Delay splitterelastisch CD
New Order low life CD
New Order get ready CD
Northern Lite super black (limited edition) CD
Parralox electricity (limited edition) CD
Perfidious Words feel like me CD
Placebo battle for the sun CD
Plastic Operator different places CD
Presets apocalypso CD
Psyche until the shadows CD
QEK Junior ausverkauf CD
Rabia Sorda radio paranoia (limited edition) MCD
Radio 4 stealing of a nation CD
Radio 4 enemies like this CD
Ridgway, Stan the big heat 12"
Rifles great escape CD
Robocop Kraus they think they are CD
Rummelsnuff halt durch! CD
Samplers (Various Artists) rock & wave vol.1 CD
Samplers (Various Artists) pop & wave die deutsche CD
Samplers (Various Artists) ebm club classics CD
Samplers (Various Artists) no thanks! 4 CD
Samplers (Various Artists) aufnahmezustand neue deutsche vielfalt CD
Samplers (Various Artists) die ultimative chart show - new wave & pop CD
Samplers (Various Artists) some bizzare album CD
Samplers (Various Artists) electrostrom CD
Section 25 nature + degree CD
She Wants Revenge this is forever CD
Shiny Toy Guns we are pilots CD
Shout Out Louds our ill wills CD
Simple Minds new gold dream (81-82-83-84) (SACD) CD
Simple Minds graffiti soul - 2cd CD
Simple Minds home MCD
Siouxsie And The Banshees through the looking glass CD
Solar Fake broken grid CD
Sound jeopardy CD
Soundtrack breaking glass CD
Soundtrack verschwende deine jugend CD
SPECTRA*paris dead models society CD
Spencer timewarp (promo) CD
Suicide Booth terror from the sky CD
Talking Heads road to nowhere (edit) 12"
U2 all that you can't leave behind CD
Visions Of Kinzki schwarzer könig 04-09 (promo) MCD
Vive la Fête jour de chance CD
VNV Nation of faith, power and glory CD
We Are Scientists brain thrust mastery CD
Welle:Erdball tanzpalast 2000 CD
Whip x marks destination CD
White Lies to lose my life… CD
White Rose Movement kick CD
Wire ahead 12"
Wolfsheim casting shadows CD
Wombats a guide to love, loss & desperation CD
Young Gods xxyears 1985-2005 CD

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