Musik Liste 17.04.2009
Bandname Song Medium
Bauhaus crackle CD
Beauty Of Gemina diary of a lost (demo) CD
Beauty Of Gemina a stranger to tears CD
Beauty Of Gemina galiee song MCD
Bloc Party intimacy (limited edition) CD
Bolshoi friends CD
Bowie, David christiane f. wir kinder vom bahnhof zoo CD
Cell Division chymeia (promo) CD
Client command CD
Crüxshadows dreamcypher CD
Cure staring at the sea the singles CD
Cure greatest hits CD
Cure pornography (deluxe edition) CD
Cyan inc. better leave me dying CD
DAF alles ist gut CD
Dead Guitars airplanes CD
Depeche Mode playing the angel CD
Depeche Mode sounds of the universe CD
Devo pioneers who got scalped the anthology CD
Diary Of Dreams (if) (limited edition) CD
Die Krupps der amboss MCD
DIN [A] TOD westwerk CD
Division Kent gravity CD
Dragons here are the roses CD
Echo And The Bunnymen more songs to learn and sing CD
Editors an end has a start CD
Elusive locked doors, drinks and funerals CD
Endanger revolt CD
Escape With Romeo emotional iceage CD
Fanoe down to heaven CD
Front 242 backcatalogue CD
Glasvegas glasvegas CD
Heavy Current edacious CD
Howling Bells howling bells CD
IAMX the alternative CD
Ikon destroying the world to save it CD
Informatik beyond CD
Jesus And Mary Chain 21 singles 1984-1998 CD
Joy Division the best of joy division CD
Joy/Disaster paranoia CD
Killing Joke night time (remastered) CD
Kirlian Camera shadows mission held v CD
Kontrast vision und tradition CD
Kraftwerk computerwelt CD
Ladytron velocifero CD
Lola Angst schwarzwald CD
Love And Rockets seventh dream of teenage heaven CD
March Violets the botanic verses CD
Metallspürhunde böse wetter CD
Mittageisen 1981-1986 CD
Murphy, Peter deep CD
New Order get ready CD
Nine Inch Nails pretty hate maschine CD
Nitzer Ebb body of work CD
Northern Lite super black (limited edition) CD
Pink Turns Blue ghost CD
Project Pitchfork daimonion CD
Retrosic god of hell CD
Romance the divide CD
Rosetta Stone adrenaline (deluxe edition) CD
Rotersand i cry CD
Rummelsnuff halt durch! CD
Samplers (Various Artists) rock & wave vol.1 CD
Samplers (Various Artists) pagan love songs CD
Samplers (Various Artists) gothic compilation part 35 CD
Samplers (Various Artists) some bizzare album CD
Samplers (Various Artists) gothic compilation part 41 CD
She Wants Revenge this is forever CD
Shock Therapy hate is a 4-letter word CD
Simple Minds new gold dream (81-82-83-84) (SACD) CD
Simple Minds themes - volume 1: march 79 - april 82 CD Box
Siouxsie And The Banshees the best of CD
Sisters Of Mercy some girls wander by mistake CD
Solar Fake broken grid CD
SPECTRA*paris dead models society CD
Tones On Tail tones on tail CD
U2 under a blood red sky CD
Unheilig moderne zeiten CD
Violet Stigmata decompositions & reliques CD
Visions Of Kinzki schwarzer könig 04-09 (promo) MCD
Vive la Fête jour de chance CD
VNV Nation judgement CD
Welle:Erdball nur tote frauen sind schön! CD
White Lies to lose my life… CD
Young Gods xxyears 1985-2005 CD
Zeraphine still (promo) CD