Samplers (Various Artists)
Songtitel Medium Datum Label Bezeichnung
just for kicks (kick records) LP 1979 Kick Records KK1
swiss wave the album LP 1980 Off Course Records ASL-3301
some bizzare album LP 1981 Some Bizzare BZLP1
von uns für uns (rote fabrik 30.01.1982, ton modern) LP 1982-01 unbekannt -
die neue tanzmusik ist… da da da LP 1982-02 Fontana 6435164
made in switzerland (orginal swiss punk 1981-83) LP 1983 Loud, Proud & Punk Records LPP012
one pound ninety nine (beggars banquet) LP 1985 Beggars Banquet BBB1
goodbye to all that (a red flame/ink records compilation 1982-1985) LP 1985 Red Flame Music RF45
if you can't ... (some bizzare) LP 1985 Some Bizzare EJ2606631
definitiv (zurich 1976 bis 1986) LP 1986 RecRec DEF001
neue deutsche welle (nr. 2) LP 1992 Repertoire Records REP2300-TO
transmission - barcelona: second anniversary LP 2014 Domestica Records DOM04-S
flotte bienen & heisse rhythmen 10" 1982 Reflektor 0050.020
hamburger hit-news 2006 10" 2006 NLW NLW014
rock & wave vol.1 CD 1992 Sony Music 4727332
tonal edidence 7 a mute sampler CD 1993 Mute Records TONAL7CD
punk generation my way CD 1996 Disky Communication PU860562
undercover vol. 5 CD 1998-01 Sub Terranean SPV084-39282
pop & wave die deutsche CD 1998-02 Sony Music 3869792
fetenhits neue deutsche welle CD 1998-03 Polystar 555757-2
ebm club classics CD 1998-04 Synthetic Symphony SPV087-61952DCD
ebm club classics 2 CD 1999-01 Synthetic Symphony SPV087-62262DCD
fetenhits the real 80's CD 1999-02 Polystar 545216-2
fetenhits neue deutsche welle 2 CD 2000-01 Polystar 560963-2
the world of neue deutsche welle vol. 2 CD 2000-02 ZYX Music ZYX11204-2
definitiv (zurich 1976 bis 1986) CD 2001-01 RecRec Medien AG MAKE12
ebm club classics 3 CD 2001-02 Synthetic Symphony SPV087-62362DCD
new swiss waves CD 2002-01 Divus Modus Records DM-001
verschwende deine jugend CD 2002-02 Universal Music 583075-2
no spitting - 60 classic punk tracks cd1 CD 2002-03 Disky Communication CB904113
no spitting - 60 classic punk tracks cd2 CD 2002-04 Disky Communication CB904113
no spitting - 60 classic punk tracks cd3 CD 2002-05 Disky Communication CB904113
no thanks! 1 CD 2003-01 Warner Music R273926
no thanks! 2 CD 2003-02 Warner Music R273926
no thanks! 3 CD 2003-03 Warner Music R273926
no thanks! 4 CD 2003-04 Warner Music R273926
aufnahmezustand neue deutsche vielfalt CD 2003-05 ZYX Music ZYX81530-2
aufnahmezustand 2 pegelausschlag CD 2003-06 ZYX Music ZYX81570-2
aufnahmezustand 3 die landkarte des deutschen pop CD 2004-01 ZYX Music ZYX81620-2
swiss punk sampler! CD 2004-02 Toxx Records -
tanz der nacht CD 2004-03 T:D:M Thunderdome TDM012
100% punk vol.2 CD 2004-04 Telstar TCD2716
sing' deutsch! CD 2004-05 Sing' deutsch! SD005-2
irgendwo in deutschland CD 2004-06 Edel Records 0155702ERE
infacted CD 2004-07 Infacted Recordings FACT3014-2
pagan love songs CD 2004-08 Alice in … AIW132
aufnahmezustand 4 tonart deutschpop CD 2005 ZYX Music ZYX81712-2
aufnahmezustand 5 neuer deutscher pop CD 2006-01 ZYX Music ZXY81823-2
elektrisch! CD 2006-02 Major Records 0002132MRC
infacted 3 CD 2006-03 Infacted Recordings FACT3061-2
advanced electronics vol.5 CD 2006-04 Synthetic Symphony SPV67032
10. elektrisch! Festival CD 2006-05 Kompuphonik Musik KPM004
the definitive story of cbgb the home of u.s. punk CD 2006-06 Salvo SALVODCD202
the goth anthology disc one CD 2006-07 Union Square Music Ltd. METRTCD813
the goth anthology disc two CD 2006-08 Union Square Music Ltd. METRTCD813
the goth anthology disc three CD 2006-09 Union Square Music Ltd. METRTCD813
john peel right time, wrong speed 1977-1987 CD 2006-10 Warner Music WMTV023
machineries of joy vol.4 CD 2007-01 Out of Line OUT257/258
gothic compilation part 35 CD 2007-02 BatBeliever Releases BAT036
gothic compilation part 38 CD 2007-03 BatBeliever Releases BAT039
extreme clubhits XI CD 2007-04 UpScene -
die ultimative chart show - new wave & pop CD 2007-05 Universal Music 060075303303
die ultimative chart show - neue deutsche welle CD 2007-06 Universal Music 06024984584-0
gothic compilation part 39 CD 2008-01 BatBeliever Releases BAT043
advanced electronics vol.6 CD 2008-02 Synthetic Symphony SPV67162
awake the maschines vol.6 (limited edition) CD 2008-03 Out of Line OUT295/297
some bizzare album CD 2008-04 Some Bizzare SBZ101CD
gothic compilation part 41 CD 2008-05 BatBeliever Releases BAT047
electrostrom CD 2009-01 Out of Line OUT353
top of the pops - punk & new wave CD 2009-02 EMI Records 5099968597221
infrastition - 80's sounds for today (promo) CD 2009-03 Infrastition FIN036
post punk CD 2009-04 Music Brokers MBB7055
electropop.4 CD 2010-01 Conzoom Records CRCD004
dj francois vs kartagon - eine nacht im bergwerk CD 2010-02 Divus Modus Records DM002
genotypes - various artists CD 2010-03 genetic music GEN030
the minimal wave tapes volume one CD 2010-04 Stones Throw Records STH2223
the minimal wave tapes volume two CD 2012-01 Stones Throw Records STH2281
discover CD 2012-02 Conzoom Records CRCDDC01
join the dark side, we have the music! CD 2012-03 afmusic AFM166
back to the phuture CD 2012-04 Future Publishing MHRS26CD-07-12
metal dance CD 2012-05 Strut STRUT091CD
metal dance 2 CD 2013-01 Strut STRUT107CD
mutazione CD 2013-02 Strut STRUT110CD
altone - promo-compilation 2013 CD 2013-03 ALTONE Distribution -
rockabilly madness CD 2013-04 Union Square Music Ltd. METRSL069
death # disco volume IV CD 2014-01 DEATH # DISCO -
pagan love songs vol. 3 CD 2014-02 Alice in … AIW178
ebm & Industrial CD 2015 Golden Core GCR81066-2
la contra ola - … post punk from spain 1980-86 CD 2018-01 Les Disques Bongo Joe BJR015CD
another cold world 2 CD 2018-02 Cold Beats Records CBR014