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Songtitel Medium Datum Label Bezeichnung
afterlife 7" 2001 Nile Records NIL008
the twilight zone 7" 2003 Rare Records -
on the edge of forever CD 2000 Apollyon APOCD21051
from angels to ashes CD 2003 Nile Records NIL010
psychic vampire CD 2004 Nile Records NIL013A
destroying the world to save it CD 2005 Équinoxe Records EQ017
love, hate & sorrow CD 2009 Nile Records NIL0911
everyone everything everywhere ends CD 2014 Nile Records NIL714
psychic vampire MCD 2004 Nile Records NIL013B
amongst the runes MCD 2008 Nile Records ST13
driftwood MCD 2010 Nile Records DR101
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