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Songtitel Medium Datum Label Bezeichnung
q: are we not men? a: we are devo! LP 1978 Virgin Records 26353XOT
freedom of choice LP 1980 Warner Bros. Records BSK3435
new traditionalists LP 1981 Warner Bros. Records XBS3595
oh, no! It's devo LP 1982 Warner Bros. Records 9237411
shout LP 1984 Warner Bros. Records 925097-1
now it can be told LP 1989 Enigma Records 773514-1
hard core devo LP 1990 Fan Club FC065
live EP 1980 Warner Bros. Records MINI3548
satisfaction EP 1983 Virgin Records 600851
peek-a-boo (dance velocity) 12" 1982 Virgin Records VS536-12
them from doctor detroit (dance mix) 12" 1983 MCA Records MCAT822
here to go (go mix version) 12" 1984 Warner Bros. Records 0-20316
baby doll (extended mix) 12" 1988 Enigma Records 775515-0
q: are we not men? a: we are devo! CD 1978 Warner Bros. Records 3239-2
freedom of choice CD 1980 Warner Bros. Records 3435-2
new traditionalists CD 1981 Warner Bros. Records WPCP-4173
ez listening disc CD 1987 Rycodisc RCD20031
total devo CD 1988 Enigma Records D2-73303
now it can be told CD 1989 Enigma Records 7735142
smooth noodle maps CD 1990 Enigma Records 7735262
oh no it's devo / freedom of choice CD 1993 Virgin Records CDV2241
pioneers who got scalped the anthology CD 2000 Warner Bros. Records R275967
something for everybody CD 2010 Warner Bros. Records 523975-2

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