Simple Minds
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Songtitel Medium Datum Label Bezeichnung
a real long time ago - demo 79 LP 1979-1 Bestial Records -
real to real cacophony LP 1979-2 Virgin Records OVED124
empires and dance LP 1980 Virgin Records V2247
sister feelings call LP 1981-1 Virgin Records 205154
definitive collection LP 1981-2 Stiff Records TEES102
celebration LP 1982-1 Virgin Records V2248
new gold dream (81-82-83-84) LP 1982-2 Virgin Records 204965
all kings are white live at tiffany's, glasgow 21.12.1982 LP 1982-3 unbekannt SM
sparkle in the rain LP 1984-1 Virgin Records 205913
hometown barrowland, glasgow 28.07.1984 LP 1984-2 unbekannt -
once upon a time LP 1985 Virgin Records 207350
in the city of light LP 1987 Virgin Records 303068
the ballad of the streets EP 1989-1 Virgin Records 611998
the amsterdam ep EP 1989-2 Virgin Records SMTX6
the ballad of the streets Box 1989 Virgin Records SMXT3
chelsea girl 7" 1979 Zoom Records ZUM11
i travel 7" 1980 Arista Records ARIST372
sweat in bullet 7" 1981 Virgin Records VS451
an interview with jim kerr 7" 1984? unbekannt -
santify yourself 7" 1986 Virgin Records SMP1
promised you a miracle (live) 10" 1987 Virgin Records SM210
celebrate (extended) 12" 1981-1A Arista Records 12394
changeling 12" 1981-1B1 Arista Records 12394
the american (extended) 12" 1981-2A Virgin Records VS410-12
league of nation 12" 1981-2B Virgin Records VS410-12
love song 12" 1981-3A Virgin Records VS434-12
this earth that you walk upon (instrumental) 12" 1981-3B Virgin Records VS434-12
sweat in bullet (remix) 12" 1981-4 Virgin Records VS451-12
promised you a miracle (remix version) 12" 1982-1 A&M Records SP-12057
glittering prize (club mix) 12" 1982-2 Virgin Records VS511-12
someone somewhere... (extended) 12" 1982-3A Virgin Records VS538-12
king is white and in the crowd (bbc Session) 12" 1982-3B1 Virgin Records VS538-12
i travel (extended) 12" 1983-1A Virgin Records 600796
new gold dream (81-82-83-84) (german 12" remix) 12" 1983-1B2 Virgin Records 600796
waterfront (extended) 12" 1983-2 Virgin Records VS636-12
speed your love to me (extended) 12" 1984-1 Virgin Records VS649-12
up on the catwalk (extended) 12" 1984-2 Virgin Records VS661-12
don't you (extended) 12" 1985-1 A&M Records SP-12125
alive & kicking 12" 1985-2 Virgin Records VS817-12
alive & kicking (limited edition in gold mirrored sleeve) 12" 1985-3 Virgin Records VS817-13
sanctify yourself (extended mix) 12" 1986-1 Virgin Records SM1-12
all the things she said (extended version) 12" 1986-2 Virgin Records VS860-12
ghostdancing (special extended) 12" 1986-3 Virgin Records 608633
this is your land (full length version) 12" 1989 Virgin Records SMXT4
see the lights (12" version) 12" 1991 Virgin Records VST1343
homosapien (malcolm duffy mix) 12" 2001 Remote Recordings REMOTE016
celebration CD 1982 Virgin Records CDV2248
new gold dream (81-82-83-84) CD 1983-1 Virgin Records CDV2230
sparkle in the rain CD 1983-2 Virgin Records CDV2300
once upon a time CD 1985 Virgin Records CDV2364
sons and fascination CD 1985-1 Virgin Records CDV2207
real to real cacophony CD 1985-2 Virgin Records CDV2246
empires and dance CD 1985-3 Virgin Records CDV2247
life in a day CD 1986 Virgin Records VMCD6
in the city of light CD 1987 Virgin Records CDSM1
street fighting years CD 1989 Virgin Records MINDSCD1
real life CD 1991 Virgin Records CDV2660
good news from next world CD 1995 Virgin Records CDV2760
the promised CD 1997 Virgin Records 724384502324
neon lights (limited edition) CD 2001 Eagle Records EAGLT198
cry CD 2002 Eagle Records EAGLT196
sparkle in the rain (remastered) CD 2003-1 Virgin Records SIMCD6
new gold dream (81-82-83-84) (SACD) CD 2003-2 Virgin Records SACDV2230
black & white 050505 CD 2005 Sanctuary Records SANCD390
graffiti soul - 2cd CD 2009 Sanctuary Records 2703207
walk between worlds (deluxe edition) CD 2018 BMG 4050538349689
themes - volume 1: march 79 - april 82 CD Box 1990-1 Virgin Records SMTCD1
themes - volume 2: august 82 - april 85 CD Box 1990-2 Virgin Records SMTCD2
neapolis (11" diameter tin) CD Box 1998 Chrysalis Records CDCDRDJS001
silver box CD Box 2004 Virgin Records 5782452
x5 CD Box 2012 Virgin Records SMBOX2
celebrate - live at the sse hydro glasgow CD Box 2014-1 Edsel Records EDSG8045
big music (deluxe edition) CD Box 2014-2 Embassy Of Music SMBM04
don't you CD Single 1988 A&M Records CSIG000054
ballad of the streets CD Single 1989-1 Virgin Records SMXCD3
this is your land CD Single 1989-2 Virgin Records SMXCD4
kick it in MCD 1989 Virgin Records SMXCDT5
stand by love MCD 1991 Virgin Records VSCDT1358
she's a river MCD 1995-1 Virgin Music VSCDT1509
hypnotised MCD 1995-2 Virgin Music VSCDF1534
glitterball MCD 1998 Chrysalis Records CDCHS5078
cry MCD 2002-1 Eagle Records EAGXA218
cry MCD 2002-2 Eagle Records EAGXS218
home MCD 2005 Sanctuary Records SANXD388

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